Choosing the “Right” Software for your Business

How do you choose the “Right” software for your business?

The answer can be derived by determining what it is that you are “needing most” to solve your challenges, answer a few questions and then find a solution that best meets your criteria.

My late Grandfather had a saying: “Decide what you want and what you need; then go for what you need.” (I.e., prioritise your needs over your wants.)

Typical needs, and wants, that many of our clients had / have include:

  • Stock Control
  • Keeping Track of Costs
  • Managing & Scheduling Teams and Team Members
  • Paperless / Digital Operation
  • Seamless integration of their Business Processes and Accounting Software
  • Accurate Quotations
  • Scheduling Maintenance
  • Electronic Check Lists
  • On-Time Invoicing
  • Equipment & Tool Control
  • Managing SLAs and Retainer Contracts
  • Cloud-Based Software – Team members can access the app 24/7 from anywhere
  • Quick Set-Up with short time to “Go Live”
  • Software that all Team Members will be able to use without having to be too computer-literate
  • Ability to import existing data (Clients, Suppliers, Stock Items, etc.)

Some questions to ponder:

Are you happy to run many applications to manage your business or would you prefer to have as few applications as possible that do everything (almost everything)?

Does the application need to link to software that you are already using?

How important is “local” support and training to you? (Are you comfortable having support that is only available from different time-zones?)

Are you looking for a Bespoke or a Turnkey solution, or a combination? Why?

Must the application be scalable and able to support your business as it grows?

How important is constant improvement on the application? (Would you like to be able to give input as to features that you require?)

How important is it to you that the Software Architects understand your business?


Choosing the wrong solution can be very expensive.

Eazy Costing has several clients that have “moved” from one solution (sometimes many) to Eazy Costing because their needs were not being fully met previously. Almost all feel that they “wasted” time, money and effort on the implementation of the other app(s).

In most cases it’s not possible to carry data, and history, from one app to another – this leads to loss of data or having to keep an old app “live” to be able to access the data. In contrast, not making a decision and choosing an app and giving it a go may hold you and your business back for an unnecessary period.

In contrast, not making a decision and choosing an application, and giving it a go, may hold you and your business back for an unnecessary period.

Lastly, here’s a great article from DoughGetters Accounting about Why should I operate my business in the cloud?