Product Features

Eazy Costing is an all-inclusive Cloud-Based Cost Management Software solution.
We manage your entire business.

Contact Manager

Activity tracking of Contacts & Clients

Quotes, Projects & Jobs

Detailed Quotes, which become Jobs on Acceptance, with the following Quote Item types:

  • Material (Stock Items)
  • Labour
  • Travel
  • Miscellaneous Items (Non-Stock Item)
  • Fixed Rates
  • “Single-Line” Bill of Materials


Electronic Job-Cards, including:

  • Job-Card Detail
  • Electronic Check-Lists
  • Material
  • Documents
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Call-Out Log


Detailed automatically generated Invoices from Jobs and Call-Outs as well as Ad-Hoc Invoices.

Inventory Control

Control of Stock Items, Equipment / Tools & Manufacturing. Stock Control includes:

  • Stock Movement Logs
  • Serial # tracking
  • Orders to Suppliers
  • Receiving of Invoices from Suppliers
  • Sub-Stores
  • Stock Take

User Management

Notifications / Scheduling of Users, including Electronic Time-Sheets.

Business 2 Business

B2B link between you and a Sub-Contractor doing Call-Outs on your behalf; includes the “sharing” of Stock Items. (Both parties must be Eazy Costing Subscribers.)

File Storage

Upload documents to Jobs, Clients, etc. so that they are all in one place.


Managing Retainer-type Contracts.


Built-In Reports that are necessary to manage a Contracting company, including:

  • Work in Progress (including Summary)
  • Cost Centre Gross Profit Report (with option to include Travel and Labour)
  • Sales & Transactions; tracking efficiency of Technicians and Sales team
  • Hour Sheets & Salaries / Wages
  • Client and Supplier Invoices
  • Stock Item Usage
  • Variance from Contrac

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