Construction Management Solutions for Contractors

Eazy is a Contractor Management solution that lets you focus on your business while we take care of what happens in the background. We make running a service business Eazy!

What makes it Eazy?

Eazy is a Contractor Management solution that allows you to manage your business easily from anywhere.

Every business has its own requirements. Our mission is to deliver a contractor management solution that suits your business. Streamline your business processes with an all-in-one contractor management software that easily captures reliable data, formalizes workflows, manages stock effortlessly and effectively, and delivers real-time reporting.

Eazy to manage your business processes

Eazy to integrate with accounting solution Xero

Eazy works for many different industries

Regain control over your business

Manage your business processes and get insight… Eazy!

Why Choose Eazy?

Freed up time and energy

through admin automation

Greater clarity

Real-time reporting and insights

More control

enables you to work on and grow your business

Better cashflow management

for informed decision-making

Greater profitability

optimisation of equipment, stock and people

Peace of Mind

no nagging fear that you’ve missed something

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During the demo we show you how
Eazy Costing
will work in, and help, your business.

How does Eazy work?

Controlling all your contractor management business processes lies at the heart of the Eazy Costing solution.

Our contractor management solution is built around recognised business processes and industry standards. We enable you to have more control over business operations with cloud-based software that increases efficiency, and allows for better monitoring and real-time reporting. Boost your field workforce’s productivity and efficiency by using Eazy Costing to take over all core business functions, so that we can provide an integrated solution that truly makes life eazy.

Eazy integration with Xero

Seamless integration of Eazy Costing and Xero means that your Contractor Management Solution and Xero Accounting are always in-sync.

Customer Invoices automatically posted to Xero from Eazy Costing when Signed-Off

Supplier Invoices automatically posted to Xero from Eazy Costing when Received

Automatic creation of Monthly Inventory Control / Cost of Sales Journals

Our Valued Clients

Request a demo

During the demo we don’t just show you Eazy but also
discuss how it can help your business.